Vance Resource was formed in 2005 by Keith Vance who at the time had already been in the industry for over 10 years.  Feeling there was a need for a unique approach by an independent group, Keith sought to represent furniture lines with the distinguishing philosophy that Vance Resource would maintain a limited portfolio.  By doing this, each manufacturer is truly represented.


Vance Resource is dedicated to the client's needs with each of our lines. Approaching the industry with current ideas and product, each manufacturer receives individual attention to the clients per application.  Vance Resource enjoys collaboration and sharing knowledge while working in union with the client.  We have created and maintained multiple long lasting, productive working relationships that are built on great ideas, functionally cool product, commitment and loyalty.  This excellent performance and dedication achieves the desires of the client.

Business Base

Our customer base is quite diverse and covers all aspects from dealer and designers, the A&D community, k-12 and higher education, healthcare to small businesses and corporations.  Vance Resource is highly involved with local and state contracts as well as GSA.  We are involved with the regional IIDA.