Charlotte Rescue Mission

Mission Statement: To minister the Good News of Christianity to individuals caught in the cycles of poverty, hopelessness, or chemical addictions by meeting their spiritual, physical, social, psychological, and vocational needs.

SPIRITUAL – We are a Christian recovery program. We believe that with Jesus Christ as our higher power, recovery from any addiction is possible. We provide Biblically based counseling, we share the gospel of Jesus Christ and encourage worship through chapel services and Bible studies.

MENTAL – We strive to conquer feelings of shame, worthlessness, inferiority, defectiveness, and powerlessness by providing our residents a safe place to begin to trust and exhibit openness.

PHYSICAL – We address drug and alcohol abstinence with licensed and certified substance abuse counselors. We provide opportunities for physical education and recreation. Our nurses assist residents in dealing with other health issues they may have.

SOCIAL – Since individual maturity stops at the onset of addiction, our goal is to provide an environment where the resident may improve relationships with friends and family members. We also provide counseling for family members with our trained staff.

VOCATIONAL - Training, through therapeutic job placement, is provided to the resident, enabling them to reenter society as a productive member.