Vision Nicaragua


Vision Nicaragua is a non-profit, multi-denominational Christian organization, whose purpose is to make known and serve the spiritual, physical and financial needs of the people of Nicaragua. Vision Nicaragua is open to all who willing to share their God given gifts and talents with the people of Nicaragua. We are committed to seek wisdom and discernment through the scriptures, prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we carefully consider each need. We believe that we are called by Christ to fulfill his Commission to all people for the purpose of:

Making disciples through proclaiming the gospel message.
Baptizing and teaching God's word.
Demonstrating God's love by ministering to the spiritual and physical needs of the people
of Nicaragua as God has instructed us to do in accordance with The Holy Scriptures.


Lead men, women, and children to Jesus Christ through
evangelism in sharing the Gospel message.
Work with the people of Nicaragua to help enable them with the proper
resources for meeting their basic needs for housing, food and water.
Train and equip communities to meet the ongoing medical needs
of the families within their communities.
To help establish a means of income through training programs, business plans,
and economic development projects using any and all available resources.
Create a partnership with the Nicaraguan to teach Christian principles,
proper management and Christ-like accountability.
Ensure that each mission dollar is spent as God would have it spent.
Give God all the glory, recognition and thanks for each
and every accomplishment of Vision Nicaragua.


To fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ, proclaiming the Gospel, baptizing and teaching believers to obey God's Word, and building bridges of love.